Payment methods

Payment methods information.


Credit card


Mastercard is a convenient and safe payment method

Mastercard can also be used for deposits and withdrawals at most of the online casinos.

However there are a few exceptions. For example, withdrawals cannot be processed back to a Mastercard if the card issuer is from a Finnish or Polish bank.

Mastercard can be used at the following casinos:

Visa and Visa electron

Reliable payment method for depositing and for withdrawing money back!

Visa is one of the most popular payment methods in the world. It is valid at a vast number of online shops all over the internet as well as on all online casinos.

It’s safe and you can use it for deposits and withdrawals.

The deposit amount will be credited to your casino account instantly. However, withdrawals will take 3-5 banking days to reach your bank account.

Visa and Visa electron cards can be used at the following casinos:

Online wallet


Neteller eWallet is safe, fast and easy

Most of the online casinos offer Neteller payment methods not just for deposits but also to withdraw money.

Neteller has a free money transfer service which allows you to send money over to your friends and family.

Some of the worthy benefits of Net+ Prepaid Mastercard is that it can be used at various online shops and to withdraw money from ATM’s around the world.

Neteller VIP Program

VIP program benefits:

  • Monthly cash-back Up to 0.5%
  • Free withdrawals
  • Multiple currency accounts
  • Only a 1.25% FX fee
  • Flexible transaction limits
  • Bonus reward points

Neteller can be used at the following casinos:


Skrill is excellent choice for payments at online casinos

Skrill eWallet is accepted by all well known online casinos. It is easy, fast and reliable method for deposits and withdrawals.

But online casinos are not the only place to use Skrill. Skrill is easy and secure method to do online shopping or transfer money rapidly to your friends or between family members.

Open you own Skrill account here.

Skrill can be used at the following casinos:

Other payment methods



Paysafecard is simple to use:

  1. Purchase paysafecards at your nearest sales outlet. Kiosk and regular grocery shops sell paysafecards.
  2. When you buy paysafecard, you can choose between the following amounts: 10, 25, 50 or 100 EUR.
  3. Deposit by paysafecard at online casinos by simply entering the 16-digit paysafecard PIN.

You can make larger payments by combining up to 10 paysafecard PINs. Combining PINs also allows you to use up any remaining credit on a paysafecard PIN.

paysafecard is a prepaid card that lets you pay and deposit safely online. Prepaid means that you purchase paysafecard from any of the 480.000 sales outlets available. You will find a 16-digit PIN on your paysafecard.

paysafecard is safer than any other payment method because you don’t have to enter any personal information or your bank or credit card details when paying online or depositing money into casino account.

Paysafecard can be used at the following casinos:


Ukash in like using cash online!

Ukash is eMoney. You treat it exactly like cash but spend it online.

Simply, just exchange your cash for a unique 19-digit Ukash-code. And don’t you worry, if you are not sure how much to get; if your Ukash-code is more than the value of the purchase or deposit amount, you’ll receive any change as a new code to use the next time you’re going to make deposits or for shopping.

Ukash-codes can be get in over 55 countries. You can get Ukash from shops, petrol stations, kiosks, ATMs and online. Widely popular payment method in Turkey, Australia, New Zealand and in many other countries where are strict laws and regulations on money transfers and online gaming.

Ukash is safe and can be used immediately for secure payment. Your Ukash code can be used to pay at thousands of websites that accept Ukash. You can also load prepaid cards and eWallets for instance Neteller and Skrill.

Ukash can be used at the following casinos:


Zimpler at online casino, YES!

Zimpler is a safe and convenient method to make payments. By Zimpler, your payment will reflect immediately and only get charged later on your bill, brilliant.

Plus it’s up to you, whether you prefer to receive a bill by email, sms or snail mail.

Zimpler will be adding new payment methods to their service. In future you can add your own credit/debit cards, bank account and other local payment instruments to your personal Zimpler account. This allows you to use your Zimpler account details when making deposits instead of directly using your personal banking details each time. Using Zimpler is a safer and faster way to make deposits or online purchases.

Zimpler can be used at the following casinos: