Dinoment casino tournament 9.3.2015


Tournament time



Dinoment casino tournament

Dinoment prize pool

Tournament it’s exciting but still simple and easy to join in! LuckyDino will give 2 Free Spins to every player. Everyone who wins something with those Spins will continue to the next day’s competition. Players get again 2 Spins and winners continue on the next day.

The Grand Finale – Prizepool 10.000 Free Spins

When 30 players or less are left in the Dinoment, we will have the Grand Finale. All players will get 5 Free Spins and the top10 will get prizes. Results are based on the total win with the 5 Free Spins.
Activate your Dinoment Free Spins now

Just make a deposit before Monday the 9th and you are in! Remember that on top of Dinoment you get a 100% Bonus and 50 Free Spins on Big Bang with your initial deposit.

Follow the instructions:
1. Register your LuckyDino account from here.
2. Go and play your 7 free spins on ‘Lights’ and scratch free ‘Lucky Double’ cards(FIN, SWE, GER, UK& Australia).
3. Make your first deposit, sit back, play and enjoy. Remember 100% deposit match bonus ;)
4. Day after the deposit, find 50 ‘Big Bang’ free spins and get ready for Dinoment!

Note! Tournament is finished already!

Updated 29.03.2015

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