Is it safe to send documents to casinos and why they do ask for them? What does KYC stand for?

KYC is an abbreviated term for “Know Your Customer”. Online casinos usually require you to send over certain documents to verify your casino account. The purpose of this request is to identify yourself, prove your residential address and verify payment methods. Casinos have to go through this KYC procedure. The earlier this is done the better for casino and customer.

So why do I need to send these documents? The majority of casinos which operate in Europe will run under Malta’s online casino license called MGA(Malta Gaming Authority). It is MGA that requires all casino accounts to be verified through official documents. It is safe to send these documents to licensed casinos as they store only necessary documentation and they do so in highly secured servers. These servers are approved and supervised by the license issuer, MGA, itself. Even though it is safe to send these documents, remember to always cover sensitive information from contained within the documents. Please note that even with security regulations in place these documents are sent at your own discretion.

Identity verification

Casinos accept only official ID documentation issued by police or governmental authorities. These can be either a passport, driver’s license or governmental ID card. Remember that the ID card must still be valid and you need to provide a high resolution copy. Make sure that the whole document is visible in the picture (all 4 corners are showing). If you are reluctant about revealing the social security number, many casinos will accept ID cards where the social security number has been covered.

Identity verification. Passport, driver's license ja ID card - CasinoApu

Identity verification. Passport, driver’s license or ID card should be fully visible in the picture.

Residential address

Casinos will ask you to send a copy of a utility bill as proof of your current postal address. Electricity-, water-, gas- or phone bills will be accepted. If you do not receive utility bills by post, usually casinos accept e-bills or printed bank statements.

As long as your full name, postal address and the document date of issue is showing then any of these documents above are acceptable as proof of address. Note that a letter, bill or bank statement must have a date of issue that is not older than 3 months.

KYC_Talouslasku_ casinoApu

A copy of utility bill must contain your name, postal address and date of issue.

Verifying payment methods

A Skrill screenshot

Take a screenshot from page Settings –> Personal info.
This document will prove that you really own the Skrill account that you used for deposits.

Skrill screenshot example - CasinoApu

This is what the Skrill screenshot should look like.

Credit cards

Sending over credit card copies to casinos. Remember cover part of the card numbering at the front side and what most important, cover the CVV number at the back side. A card must be signed by the card owner.

Credit card copies - CasinoApu

Make sure that you cover 6 middle digits of the card numbering and 3 digit secure code at the back side is covered as well.